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Posted by Polka Dot It Custom Bakery on March 21, 2018

So as part of my very first blog post I want to introduce myself properly and fill you in on some of my backstory as well as what the heck I will be talking about on my blogs, LOL!

My career journey started not in the baking and pastry field but in the medical field. I hoped to become a doctor my dream since I was 5 years old. I was the typical kid who would make sure all her dolls and toys were properly taken care of if they got hurt by bandaging them up and creating these imaginary stories of their injuries with play blood oozing out of their wounds to create more trauma for myself, every kid’s thought right? Ok maybe that’s not a typical kid but at least I had an imagination!

From high school I went off to nursing school only to start working in the field and find out it wasn’t the right fit for me. I made the terrifying decision to quit school 1 semester shy of graduating from receiving my RN degree and enroll into culinary school. I graduated, landed an internship with the Ritz Carlton Hotel and eventually was offered a full time position there.

My journey in the pastry and baking world took off from that point, working in the field and getting to learn all the different things I could, like how to properly execute 2,000 plated desserts within a small time frame, working with chocolate and using it to sculpt showpieces, eventually moving away from the hotel industry and into a totally different realm of baking at a hospital where I had to work with patients whose diets were just everywhere and had to develop special recipes for them.

Throughout this whole time one thing was always very clear to me from the day I graduated culinary school and that was owning my own shop. My skills have grown broad and now I am on a new journey. I am not really sure which direction I would like to take my shop to I think working in the field for 10+ years has made me question which of many skills I would like to focus on most, but I think this is a way to start.

I currently have my shop open by appointment only I make specialty cakes for all occasions and absolutely love it, I love to show what can be created with just a little bit of sugar, flour, eggs and of course some TLC. Throughout my blogging journey I plan to share my knowledge from my years in the field by teaching different skills with baking, decorating and everything in between.

As a reader, I am hoping you will learn some new skills from my blogs in baking and decorating whether its for a birthday cake you are creating for little Suzy’s birthday or how to fix a last minute wedding cake you are working on for a friend of yours that is due in an hour and she only wants you to make it because you know her the best but the cake is crocked and about to fall, I swear that’s not a personal experience moment or anything! Anywho, as a blogger I want to hear from you too, there’s always room for improvement, as I take on this next step as a “writer” (please don’t judge me on my grammar, again only have a degree with sugar), PLEASE be patient with me I promise I will get to your questions ASAP, and if there are things you would like to see let me know!

Ti the next post I leave you with a quote from one of my all time favorite chef’s:

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

-Julia Child